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Fastskin Hand Paddle (χεράκια)

Fastskin Hand Paddle (χεράκια)

Fastskin Hand Paddle (χεράκια)

33,50 €

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Γρήγορη Επισκόπηση

Improving muscle tone and stroke technique


Combining science and speed for the elite swimmer Constructed from optimum materials and based on the science behind swimming, Speedo Aqualab have worked with world-class Team Speedo athletes, coaches, sports scientists and global hydrodynamic experts to create a range Fastskin training aids that are built to meet the specific demands of the Elite swimmer. The Fastskin Hand Paddles create water resistance, forcing your arms, shoulders and back to work harder, improving muscle tone and stroke technique for a fast and powerful swim.Train smart. Race fast. Features and Benefits Soft, flexible palm pads flex when applying power, enabling optimal feel for the water and helping to maintain a good stroke technique Cowl-shaped, ergonomic design for a secure fit that is fast and simple to put on Unique smooth edges improve water flow Symmetrical and smooth shape ensures you don’t an edge on the water, allowing you to wear it for all 4 strokes

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