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Speedo Teamster Rucksack 35L (Black)

Speedo Teamster Rucksack 35L (Black)

Speedo Teamster Rucksack 35L (Black)

Κανονική Τιμή: 80,00 €

Special Price 55,90 €

Availability: Αμεσα διαθέσιμο

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Speedo Teamster Rucksack 35L 

  • code 8-10707c297

  • color:black


Spacious and ready for the swimmer on the move
Available in a range of stylish designs, the Teamster Rucksack features high-quality, durable materials and innovative organisation for people on the move. Generous front and side pockets, a water bottle holder and a side media pouch increase your storage capacity. This backpack also features a water-resistant bottom and a removable dirt bag to keep wet clothes separate from dry items.

Features & Benefits
Generous side pockets increase your storage capacity
Features a durable and abrasion-resistant shell and a water-resistant bottom, so it can go anywhere
Removable dirt bagage keeps dirty/wet gear separated from clean garments
The offset raised laptop sleeve protects the corners of your laptop
Water resistant bottom
35L capacity

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Χρώμα μαύρο
μεγεθος 35 λίτρα
Φόρμα Επικοινωνίας
    Βασιλίσσης Όλγας 177 Θεσσαλονίκη
        +30 231 042 9149
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