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Fastskin Elite Mirror Goggle

Fastskin Elite Mirror Goggle

Fastskin Elite Mirror Goggle

52,00 €

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Speedo fastest goggle ever.


Speedo fastest goggle ever Introducing Speedo fastest, most hydrodynamic goggle ever. Designed for the world’s top athletes, this mirrored competition goggle includes our most advanced IQfit™ technology for the ultimate leak-free, precision fit and performance. Engineered for racing, its low-profile, hydrodynamic design minimises drag. Fully approved by FINA. Features & Benefits Re-colour Fastskin Elite Mirror Fit point markers helps precision alignment of the goggle and Fastskin cap by touch when preparing for a race Mirror lens - reduces brightness and glare. Ideal for racing and competitions. Engineered for serious swimmers, IQfit™ delivers an unparalleled goggle fit 'Patented 3D goggle seal – for a leak free, secure fit without leaving marks

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