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Boom Splice Racerback Swimsuit (oxid/electric pink)

Boom Splice Racerback Swimsuit (oxid/electric pink)

Boom Splice Racerback Swimsuit (oxid/electric pink)

42,00 €

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Perfectly combining style and function


Featuring Speedo's signature print Boom Perfectly combining style and function, this racerback design aids shoulder movement for ease of movement in the water. Featuring Endurance®+ fabric, which is 100% chlorine resistant and designed to last for longer. Features & Benefits Iconic Racerback design aids shoulder movement and offers increased back coverage Bust support – For extra comfort and confidence 100% chlorine resistant – Your swimsuit won’t degrade in the swimming pool. Freedom to move – Features 4-way stretch technology fabric, for comfort and softness Endurance+ fabric – Retains its shape and resists fading longer than any other swim material

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