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Beyo Γυναικείο Safari

Beyo Γυναικείο Safari

Beyo Γυναικείο Safari

49,90 €

Availability: Αμεσα διαθέσιμο

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  • Code: SF341-WL

  • Color: Safari

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49,90 €


Beyo Swimwear is a top swimwear with designs for men and women. Each swimsuit design is unique with inspirations from travel, nature and swimming experiences. Launched by swimmers with lots of love and dedication towards swimming and training. We believe that 90% of race outcomes comes from daily training, that is why Beyo Swimwear is designed and crafted with top fabric quality that remains tight and unchanged kilometer after kilometer! Last but most importantly, each time you purchase a Beyo Swimsuit, Beyo Swimwear donates part of the revenue towards animal shelters! This way you are also doing a good deed too!

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